Commercial – Renovation – Building 1

Take a couple of 1940 era buildings that have been neglected over the years and have a vision to make both these spaces useful viable business locations. Located in downtown Vernon, one building was empty and the other one a small overcrowded antique store with everything functional not functioning.  It was our goal to keep what was valuable, throw out what was not and re-energize these two old tired gals.

The concept for this building was to keep it industrial.  The concrete floors would serve as the front of the store with an open concept that would allow a potential business to make this space their own.  The dark walls and ceiling were transformed to clean white with the exposed heating ducts to further enhance that industrial look and feel.  Existing columns separated the front to back as the ceiling also dropped so we were able to lay a hardy vinyl plank flooring to give the area a separate feeling.  Rooms painted, new flooring added, bathroom cabinets changed and before you knew it, the building was transformed.  Soon after we had a local artist rent it and this once dull, lifeless place became a viable, busy new location for art supplies, local artist handiwork and art classes.