Our company is diversified in many ways.  We build Residential Spec homes as well as we’ve built new commercial buildings.  At the Vernon airport, we’ve built 3 commercial buildings at different intervals starting with the Rotech (Canadian Rotax Distributor) steel building which included work bays, offices and a hangar area with full size hangar door to accommodate their growing aviation business.   In 1996, we built another steel building for our own business which again included work bays, offices and hangar space.  In 2000, we expanded and added another 2000 square feet to the existing hangar area to provide us with a much needed showroom.  Another steel commercial building was erected in 2004 to provide space for another business at the Vernon Airport.  We worked closely with the City of Vernon who are the landowners at the Vernon airport land to make sure all necessary stipulations to build at the airport were met and that the end user was ready to move in and do business as needed.