Our Mission.

Build with honesty and integrity, treat others as you would want to be treated. Communicate and speak clearly and they will come. Simple rules to live by… why would we do business any other way?

Our Goal

Call us CRAZY but we think that we don’t all need to live in the same square boxes by building like everyone else….not afraid to build strong, cool designs that speak of what you’re thinking not what everyone else is thinking. We built one of the only tilt up concrete homes in the Valley….COOL!!! Building clean, contemporary sustainable living that gives you an open, uncluttered space resulting in your own private paradise that you can hardly wait to get home to….now that’s awesome!!!!


Our construction & manufacturing background has provided us with a “think out of the box" approach. From new construction to commercial & residential renovations, we create beautiful spaces. Our specialty is building spec homes and refreshing homes to appeal to those looking for clean, modern, comfortable living.


At Maxton Industries, we believe in products that make the job at hand easier. While we’ve been busy building and improving the state of every site we work on, we’ve discovered some of very cool products. Learn more about the products we distribute by visiting our Products Page - then contact us if you are interested.


We’re a husband and wife team that work together to produce homes that we would love to live in with a modern and contemporary flair. Both raised in the same little community in Alberta, both taught work ethic from a very young age from the generations before us. Brent being the engineering mind with there’s nothing we can’t figure out attitude, Paulette with the attention to details excelling in communications. Our background in construction and manufacturing has perhaps led us to “thinking” out of the box, not following the same path that others did and not being afraid to take risks to create what we think is beautiful. From new construction to commercial & residential renovations, we know that we’ll always create a thing of beauty no matter what we do. Our specialty is building spec homes and renovations to appeal to those who want something ready to move in with that extra appeal of clean, comfortable modern living.